Paulina Parra


Paulina Parra at her studio

In order to fully express myself I need to make use of different materials, textures and techniques so that my artwork can emerge through different mediums: painting, video, photography, and the world of three-dimensional creation: sculpture and installations. I am constantly exploring matter; and that exploration is key to my work because it opens new possibilities and paths. The use of different means, which engage in dialogue, allows me to create a more stimulating and challenging language. My paintings are abstract. I apply different materials, such as resin, plaster, sand, marble powder, quartz particles, and wire mesh, to create a universe between the many layers.

Writing is always present -my words or quotes from others- as well as numbers, or symbols, which belong to our collective psyche. Through photography, video, sculpture and installations I work with figurative means to counterpart the abstraction of my paintings. By experimenting with lighting, angles, close-ups, and special effects, the object photographed or recorded is taken out of context, forcing the viewer to question whether what he or she is seeing is real or not, and confront preconceived ideas and perceptions about the object. Reality-illusion- perception- is a constant element in my art. It is a constant element in life.

Life is my inspiration, life and its many cycles: death, renewal, the duality that exists in everything. My own inner feelings become universal feelings. I try to understand the journey of life and interpret its mysteries through my art.